COVER-Girardeau-medAh, my Lord, sometimes I can hardly stand the waiting to see you at last.  Sometimes I wonder what I will be doing if you return in the clouds before I die.  Will I be riding in a car, going for a walk, playing with my children, concentrating on a project at work, jogging, eating, playing golf, shop lifting, getting drunk, yelling at my family, cheating on a test?  What a spectacle you will be!  Trumpets heard all over the world. Making yourself be seen equally all over the world at the same time, floating on the clouds surrounded by your angels. Then, and then, those who are your children will begin floating up to the clouds to join you. What a ride that will be, Lord. You have it all worked out. You have informed everyone of your surprise return. You have been fair. For that, I praise you and will praise you forever.

Thank you, Lord God, for my powers of thinking. I can work math problem; animals cannot.  I can write music; animals cannot.  I can speak words; animals cannot.  I can read; animals cannot.  You made humans far above animals mentally, just like you are far above us mentally.  We were created in your image. You love to create and we do too.  And so, when I create something, it is in honor of you.  Thank you for making humans as we are.


INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC IN THE PUBLIC WORSHIP OF THE CHURCH was written in 1888 by a Presbyterian preacher as his last plea “on bended knee” for his denomination to return to the old way without the instruments.  It is head and shoulders above any other book out there on this topic.  It covers evvvvverything, even things the rest of us never thought of.  To BUY NOW click a book cover or paste this:

Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church