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Welcome to my life

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I’ve decided next year to tell you little TIDBITS about my life each day for the year. It’s a challenge ~ thinking of that many events and not be boring or…. But I’m working on it. So far I have thought of about 80. Keeping a list and checking it twice, and thrice, and…. It’s scary revealing so much of myself to the outside world — the good, the bad, and all the crazies and stupids and sillies and marvelous things I have thought and done.  


You stopped at nothing


Unfailing love


  1. ????


    “Likewise, the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.”
    Romans 8:26a

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  2. Randal – São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil – Ver nosso site principal: cristaos.org e blog: cristaos.org/m/

    Looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Katheryn,

    We are looking forward to reading your “Tidbits!” Hope you are doing relatively well in these challenging times.

    Charles and Faye Moore
    Searcy, AR

    • Miss you two. I did not go to the last lectureship because of expenses, thinking I can go anytime. We certainly learned our lesson this past year, didn’t we?

  4. What a wonderful idea, dear Katheryn!
    You have much wisdom to share—even from your everyday experiences, I’m sure.
    God bless you, sweet lady.

    • Well, it’s a little like jumping off a cliff and trying to remember if someone is down there to catch you. Ha, ha. As my mother used to say, “We shall see what we shall see.”

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