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Tuesday 10/8 ~ My prayer

The scripture for today, October 6 (10/6), is Jeremiah 10:6 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“No one is like you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is mighty in power.”

You are the glorious God of the universe and beyond. You are also the God of the minute and dwell in such small specs, no one can even imagine you are there. Mostly you are the God of my heart. I adore you. You forgive me for the same things over and over. How can you? Because you are Love and to be less would be beyond your very nature. I am so small and unworthy, but you see me anyway. You even think about me all the time. I am never out of your thoughts. The magnitude of your heart transcends worlds and all that exists.

Thank you, God, for pouring your heart out to the world in your Bible. Now we can know you and have no doubts. How many in this world are willing to pour out their heart to others as you did?

I praise and adore you, God of all heaven and earth. God of existence. You are greater than death, for you are the life giver. You will be there when I die, welcoming me into a realm of joy and beauty and peace that I cannot even begin to imagine. Life here is like living in a cave compared with heaven. How I long to be in your world and before your throne.  I think when I get there, I shall try to sing to you louder than anyone else. Would that be a sin, Lord?

What a mighty God you are. You speak and your words roar and echo through the universe. You sing and your song echoes from star to star. You whisper and the wind swirls and makes the clouds bump lazily into each other. You sigh and I feel your Spirit within my soul.  Mighty and tender and a wonder to behold. (Excerpt 365 Silver-Winged Prayers Your Spirit to God’s.)


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