The scripture for today, August 22 (8/22), is Jeremiah 8:22 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?”

Jeremiah laments that his people have not returned to God for healing. Today, we weep over the hundreds of conflicting denominations and our nation that do not return to God. We pray, we weep, we sing our sad songs.

This beautiful African-American spiritual of unknown origin is one of those sad songs. You may be able to hear it sung a cappella here: Here are the words to that spiritual:

There is a balm in Gilead
 To make the wounded whole;
 There is a balm in Gilead
 To heal the sin-sick soul.

 Sometimes I feel discouraged,
 And think my work’s in vain,
 But then the Holy Spirit
 Revives my soul again.

 If you can’t preach like Peter,
 If you can’t pray like Paul,
 Just tell the love of Jesus,
 And say He died for all.

Keep praying and sharing and singing.


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