07-Samson-KindleMediumYou are most powerful, yet most gentle. You are most gigantic, yet most minute. You are the roar and the silence. You are the silk and the sackcloth. You are the laughter and the tears. You are light but never dark. You are life but never death. You are love but never hatred. You are all that is good and right. You are my all and I worship you.

Thank you for being the Warrior King that you are. You are the winner over Satan because you are stronger than Satan.  Thank you for attacking Satan in that hidden realm where I cannot go and getting him away from me. For fighting so many of my battles for me. For standing over me protectively and being strong for me when I am weak. I cannot imagine life without you. Thank you for all those who I love and who love me back.  And thank you for my enemies that I might experience what you do when the world turns against you. I fall at your feet unworthy.


A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES: SAMSON.  Samson was a one-man army when God’s people did not have an army.  He stood between them and captivity.  But he was more.  He was a judge for forty years.  He was not just known for his strength of body, but also for his strength of mind.  He was not a warrior king, but he was a warrior judge.  He advised his people and they respected him for it.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….https://bit.ly/3aUlBUW

A Child’s Bible Heroes Book 7 ~ Samson