02-Noah-KindleMediumLord God, I praise you for the pattern you have set in motion here on earth.  The pattern of birth, life, and death. The pattern of planting, growing, and harvesting. Millenniums ago you set the cycle in motion by putting people on earth. We have been good sometimes and bad sometimes but never perfect.  As for me, I was born, grew up, and now I await my own harvest. When will harvest be? I long for harvest time. Then I will be able to praise you day and night without interruptions from Satan and his emissaries.  Then it will be sunrise in heaven for all eternity.

This morning the sun is rising a little later as winter nears. The sky is all reds and yellows. There are dark clouds behind it. That’s okay. I shall prepare for the storms coming behind the sunset. I will turn on all the lights so that “sunshine” is within. Then, when dark  insults come, when delays come, when accidents come, I shall smile. No matter what, I know ~ because of your promises ~ that the storm will be followed by a rainbow. And that will be your smile.


A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES: NOAH is a perfect early-reader. Large letters.  The few long words have hyphens in them to help the child sound them out.  At the end of all chapters is THINK AND DO for life application. Perfect for homeschooling, for grandparents to keep on hand for visiting young ones, for Bible school teachers.  Great gifts for birthday and Christmas.  To  BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  https://bit.ly/ChildsNoah

A Child’s Bible Heroes Book 2 ~ Noah