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STAR TREK. On nights I have to work to midnight or later, I crawl into bed. But, occasionally I get done by 9:00 or 10:00. To unwind, since I have Netflix, I watch half an hour of old TV reruns. Right now, it’s Star Trek. When it came out the first time, I thought the plots were silly, but I enjoyed the banter between Bones and Spock and how Capt. Kirk got them out of impossible situations.

Sometimes I get tickled at the plot, but last night, I guffawed. Someone stole Spock’s brain!  Well, the Starship Enterprise wanted it back. Of course, it was taken w/o surgery. They took empty-headed Spock with them so they could fix him back up instantly if ever they could find Spock’s brain. He walked like a Zombie, but when they finally found his brain, he supervised reinstalling it. Ha, ha.

The show only lasted 3 years during the Viet Nam War and started a revolution. Hmmm… Who else lasted only 3 years and started a spiritual revolution….

So, what was your favorite episode?