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Prayer for Wednesday 3/18

0-BK 7-ShadowOfDeath-Cover-new-ThumbnailI praise you, my Father, for you are stronger than Satan. He wants annihilation, you enliven. He wants void, you create. He wants darkness and hatred, you light and love. When I feel isolated and alone, you are here with me.  I am never alone.  Even with fewer in numbers at your side than those on Satan’s side, you are stronger. You will overcome it all and chain Satan away from us someday when the time is right. Are you allowing Satan to hang on so we will become stronger by doing battle with him? I do not know the answer. What I do know is you are magnificent and wondrous and beautiful. My heart bursts with excitement when I think of you. No matter what scheme he tries, Satan will not keep me away from you.

Lord, I have been judgmental lately. How dare I? It is your place to judge people’s motives, not mine.  I have never walked in their shoes. I have never faced what they have faced. I have never fought the kinds of battles they have had to fight. Oh, Lord, forgive me.

Thank you, God, for sending a part of you to live among us and be our example.  Just as a part of you walked with Adam and Eve in the garden, you came back as promised. Satan won when he convinced them to believe his lies that you did not want what was best for them. You descended to face down Satan. This time you were going to win.  This time you did. I could never have escaped Satan. Nor anyone else. You were the only one who could. So, you did. For me! For me! And so I worship you.


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Prayer for Tuesday 3/17


You Can Be A Hero Alone: Courage for the Isolated Christian


  1. Tangie – Christian Blogger, Wife, Mother and Grandmother (2 granddaughters)

    Katherine, I am nominating you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award.

    Details forthcoming in my next blog.

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