(My decision is that I will include prayers of repentance sometimes.)


Jehovah, you love me so. You made me and loved me even before I came into being. And when I lost my innocence with my first sin as they did in Eden, you loved me still.  You only walk away from me when I reject you over and over. Even then you turn and follow me around begging me to come back to you where I am safe from Satan. When I shun you, you weep in agony.  Finally, I turn around and let you embrace me and we are one again. Then I sin again and run from you, and you run after me once again in tears, once again saying, “Return to my arms”. Such love. Over and over through my life this happens. You never give up on me. Your love is so amazing. It is greater than the unending cosmos. It is greater than my heart. I bow before you, so unworthy.

I bragged about something yesterday. Why do I do that? Help me forget myself and enter the hearts and lives of others. Help me bury my ego and let you live in me.

Thank you for Jesus who is the reason for my life here. Jesus, you did so much for me. More than I can ever understand. Why did you? I am sinful. I will tell others what you did in such a way that they realize all you suffered was for them too.  In every way I know how, I will tell others because of my gratitude. How can I thank you enough for saving my soul from Satan and opening the door to heaven for me? I will try to live a life of gratitude so that, in some way, you will know the depths of the happiness you bring to me.


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