Golden Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailI praise you, God of my life. I praise you in song and word and time. I do not know how else to praise you. You are worthy of it all and so much more.  Break through the barriers people have put up between them and you. Break through with your powerful love that will not let them go. May I be your instrument somehow in my puny way. You are holy. Every place people step is holy ground, for you have already been there. You made it all. Shine through black hearts, bring your light into their lives and let their souls live again.

Lord, forgive me when I try too hard. Help me let go sometimes and step back so you can do your work. Sometimes I worry about politics, sometimes about the environment, sometimes about crime and immorality and people trying to turn false gods into you. Help me take a deep breath sometimes so you can move in and penetrate o heart. Forgive me when I think it all depends on me. It does not. You are in charge of all. Everything will ultimately work out to somehow glorify you. Everything and everyone will somehow bow to their Creator.

Thank you for modern computers where I can type words so much faster than handwriting as we did before, and talk to multitudes instead of licking a stamp and putting it on an envelope to just one person. How amazing all this technology.  May the forces of good outdo the forces of evil who try to use the same means to penetrate people’s hearts. And thank you for my family, my neighbors, the school teachers of the children, the medical providers, our government, and mostly for you, the lover of my soul. How I adore you, my Lord and my God.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


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