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Prayer for Friday 1/31

Was Jesus God-COVER-kindle-thumbnailHow can I praise you enough, Jehovah, my Maker, my Love, my Life?  You are all that I am, all that I need, all that I long for. And to think that, of the thousands praying to you right now, you hear me! Ah, to comprehend you completely. I know it is not possible with my finite mind. I am restless to see you someday in your realm–in the heavenly realm.  Someday I will slip away from earth and, with a whisper and a sigh, I will enter your presence, and understand.  Until then, my soul will praise you.

Jesus, you were God’s presence in the pillar out in the wilderness those forty years long ago. You were in the water of life that flowed from the rock for thirsty nomads. You were in the bread that fell from heaven for your hungry people.  Finally, you were in the body of Jesus, the man. How great you are. Satan’s ego makes him and everything he does ugly.  But you!  The God of Existence lowers himself in earthly forms to help us understand.  Why?  Love!  You are always with me in whatever form I need. I think you are also in the curiosity of a child, the courage of the handicapped, the voice of a singer. In that other realm, you are the sword that overcomes Satan, the truths that expose Satan, the Life and Love that scares Satan silly. You cannot win, Satan! The holy God is stronger and will be victorious over you in the true war of the worlds. I am on his side and will always thank him for fighting you in a way I cannot.  Such love from my Maker.  I thank you for all you do for me, but it is never enough.  Will it ever be?


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WAS JESUS GOD (WHY EVIL?) puts together scriptures we have always known about but often do not see quite clearly.  We people say they are saved they say they get to go to heaven.  But we are not saved to anything.  When we are saved from drowning, we are not saved to the shore; we are saved from the water.  So, who or what were we saved from?  Over and over the Bible tells us Jesus ransomed us.  Ransomed us from whom? Who was holding us captive?  And what did the Evil One want in exchange for releasing us? This book answers questions like this in logical order and ends with the glories of our eternity with God.  This book is a must-read for everyone.  My heart and soul and — yes, my logic — went into this book.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  https://amzn.to/2S6i4JQ


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Prayer for Thursday 1/30


What’re Jesus’ love letters all about?


  1. lthompson44

    Such a wonderful, uplifting prayer and message, Katheryn! I hope you are doing well!

    Love, Linda

  2. Oh, Linda. I think about you sometimes and how you pretty much handed your home over to me. The book I was working on (typing away at) while with you was this book of prayers. It was harder than I thought it would be because it means I was in prayer for several hours at a time. Many are prayers back 15 years ago when I used to write my prayers in a notebook, but many were also from sitting in your kitchen. Did you ever get all those books read I left you? It was the only way I could pay you.

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