0-BK 7-ShadowOfDeath-Cover-new-MediumJehovah God, your very name is holy. Anywhere you dwell is holy. You are pure in every way. You are the Maker of all things, the constant companion of all things, and the lover of all. You are as high above all things as a speck of dust is to the uttermost and unknown boundaries of the cosmos. You have always been, you are, and will always be.   Everything you made bows down to you ~ the mountains, the seas, the starry hosts. I bow at your feet and offer my crown to you. For I am nothing.

It was my face that should have been slapped that midnight, not yours. It was my back that should have been beaten raw that dark night, not yours. It was my blood that should have poured out of my body from those nails that day, not yours. It was my body that should have been pierced with cruel spikes that day, not yours. It was me that should have cried out in agony that day so long ago, not yours. You took my place so I would not have to suffer the punishment I deserved. I do not understand such love but I will thank you eternally.


SHADOW OF DEATH begins with Jesus’ illegal middle-of-the-night so-called trials and ends with his apostles in hiding, hopeless, trying to give meaning to the impossible.  And feeling deserted by the one they all love more than life itself.  Scripture and historical citations at the end of each chapter as well as Life Application Questions.  Could be used as a class book.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  http://bit.ly/Death-Resurrection


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Book 7: Shadow of Death