Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailI hear your voice calling me, Lord. I hear it in the wind, in the hooting of that owl, in the gentle rushing of the creek.  I hear your voice now in song.  My heart sings along with yours. My spirit feels your spirit, my soul touches your soul. Oh, that you have granted me the privilege of being your child. The very thought of it confounds my imagination. You, my Maker, am also my Father. You watch over me and care for me and protect me. Even if I were being beaten right now, I would feel your healing arms around me. There is nowhere I can go that I am beyond your watchful eye and too far from the shadow of your wings. There is no where I can go that you cannot hear me, see me, and touch me, for where I go, you go. I adore you, Lord my God, and worship you.

You have done so much for me through my life so far, how can I begin to thank you for them all?  If I made a list, it would become a large and thick book. When I become afraid, you give me courage. When I stumble and do wrong, you lift me back up. When I cry, you wipe away my tears. When I laugh, you laugh with me. When I am sick, you make me well.  When I limp, you are my staff. You give me enough shelter to keep me out of the elements when I sleep. You give me enough clothing to keep me warm, enough food to keep me healthy, enough mercy to remind me to be merciful to others. Most of all, you ransomed me from Satan. And now, you are preparing a special place for me in heaven where I will spend eternity thanking you for being the God of Love.

365 SILVER-WINGED PRAYERS: YOUR SPIRIT TO GOD’S is a beautiful gift book with original art on the cover and ancient papyrus font on the inside.  It is Book 3 in the TOUCHING GOD SERIES. Each day is a prayer of praise, forgiveness, and thanksgiving.  The Reader provides personal requests. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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365 Silver-Winged Prayers ~ Your Spirit to God’s