Road to Heaven-COVER-KINDLE-MEDIUMRighteous God in heaven, so far and yet so near. You made the rules so I wouldn’t hurt myself. No matter how hard I wanted you to change them, you refused to change. You are forever the same. My rock. My foundation, My wall of salvation. My sword of truth. My rainbow of love.  You have clothed me with your perfection because I can never attain it. You have clothed me with your purity; this I can never accomplish either. You have clothed me with your majesty to rule with you somewhere in your realm some day; I could never have the wisdom or patience you do.  You have given the earth to me and all that is in it to rule with you. You have granted me a canopy of stars over my head and a rainbow of delight to encircle my heart. I love you, my God.

I lift up my thanks to you for offering yourself on the altar of the world. I could not give enough sacrifices for my sins in a lifetime. I was completely incapable of setting myself free from Satan. So, you, the Law Giver and Enforcer set up a loop-hole for me. You offered yourself as a sacrifice to appease Sin, Satan, and death to free my soul from their hold. How can I thank you? I fall at your feet in deep gratitude . For I am nothing and you have loved me.


THE ROAD TO HEAVEN takes a second look at the blythe way we end our prayers, “Oh, and forgive us ours sin.”  Forgiveness isn’t that sample.  It never was.  What was going on with the “principalities and powers in heavenly places” as well as on earth where we didn’t know the way?  The book ends with a glimpse into heaven.  Hundreds of scriptures. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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The Road to Heaven