07-SHADOW-ChildsCartoonThmbnailI magnify your name, Jehovah, God of the universe. The only God. The God who is  just and yet merciful.  The God who loves the unloving. The God who is sinless but has patience with sinners.  Such love fills me with lofty gladness. You overlook what I do wrong and make it all good and right. You behold my puny efforts to make a difference in the world and make them multiply and expand and become beautiful. Such attention and love I cannot comprehend. So I worship you.

Ah, my Lord Jesus, thank you for leaving heaven for me and taking your chances on earth with Satan. He tried everything he could think of to make you sin just one time. That one time would have been all he needed to bring you down to his Sheol. But you were too strong for him, even in your human body’s weakest moments! You hovered over Satan and dared him. You brought Satan to his knees. You rose up powerful and magnificent and glorious. I was too weak to face down Satan. No one could. No one but you. So, you did. You did it for me. You took my place.  How can I thank you enough? I will spend eternity exploring new ways to show my deep gratitude.


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SHADOW OF DEATH is storybook #7 in A CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST for ages 3-12.  The pain and shame of the cross were toned way down to be comfortable to a young child in such a way s/he is not frightened. At the end of every chapter is “Think & Do” for your child to apply something from that chapter in their life, usually a good work such as taking a cookie to a neighbor and calling a shut-in to sing to them or calling an unpopular child at school to say hi.  Perfect for the early reader with large font and dashes between syllables of big words. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….   https://amzn.to/2XOAkf9


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