This morning I saw yet another picture of “Jesus’s” crown of thorns. It was completely round, nicely intertwined, and completely barren.
          All those pictures ~ pretty much all alike.  But that’s not the way it was. Have you ever formed branches into a circle? They don’t bend exactly round and usually end up lopsided.
          But, what gets me the most is that IT WAS SPRINGTIME. Do you think the soldier took the time to strip all the leaves off the branches?
          And how about the flowers? Boganvelias have thorns on them, but their blooms are beautiful and they abound in the Middle East.  So, when I  imagine the crown of thorns on my Lord, I imagine it lopsided but full of leaves and perhaps even flowers.
          If no flowers, he would have looked like winners of races and wars and kingdoms. Garlands of leaves in the Roman world meant winners.  Yes, what they put on him is what Caesar was sometimes crowned with.
          But Jesus’s? His crown added both pain and pleasure. His had the added thorns. But it also possibly had the added flowers.
          Flowers of spring. Flowers of resurrection.