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The scripture for today, May 15 (5/15), is Ecclesiastes 5:15 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“Naked a man comes from his mother’s womb, and as he comes, so he departs.  He takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hand.”

As most people enter their senior years, they finally understand this verse.  In their youth they struggled to get jobs and status and things.  Some accomplished it and some didn’t.  But in the senior years….
when health is gradually declining….
the world is passing them by….
and they are sitting in their chair most of the time,

….the main thing people look back on is what difference they made in their world, and how they did or did not help people important to them.

Often in their senior years when their income goes down and they are….
living only on a small pension,
unable to keep their big house,
and fancy car, and
impressive stuff,
….they realize they are still the same person inside regardless of what they own.

Ask a senior what they want for a birthday present.  It is not likely to be things.  It is likely to be time spent with a loved one.





  1. Randal – São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil – Ver nosso site principal: cristaos.org e blog: cristaos.org/m/

    Reblogged this on The Fellowship Room and commented:
    I’m getting there. Good thought here on this verse.

  2. I hope future blogs will inspire you. Thank you for stopping by.


  3. Prodigal Knot – I am just a wretched sinner, no matter how good you, or I, think I am. That was a revelation for me and I had a very hard time comprehending why temptation looks so good sometimes to a "new creature". But Paul says it best when he calls himself a wretched man trapped in a dead body waiting for "The Day of Christ". I am very conscious that I am a sojourner in a "bag of bones" and I thank God that I have come to realize how fallen mankind really is. We are all broken, and God's rescue plan, the gospel, is for everyone who will believe, to repent and be baptized, pledging their lives to the One who bought them with His blood - the Holy Lamb of God, Christ Jesus. What I believe are these simple truths: - All men have been separated from God because of Adam's disobedience. - God put a rescue plan into effect immediately and to make it plain established an earthly pattern of it in the Old Testament. - The Law of Moses was designed to show man his true state and to point him back to God. This, along with the ever present reminder of death and suffering are meant to remind us of the Fall and place in us a desire to be reconciled to our Creator. - Jesus Christ is revealed in the Old Testament as "the Angel of the Lord" and simply "the Lord". I believe that He is who appeared to Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, Ananias, Joshua and others in His per-incarnate form. - Israel was a "type" of fallen man. By their own efforts they could not remain reconciled to God. Only by repentance and following God by strict observance of His laws could they be blessed, yet redemption was not theirs yet. - Jesus Christ surrendered His privileges as the One through Whom God the Father created all things in order to implement the rescue plan and become a human being, born of woman and the Holy Spirit (Jesus is the promised "seed" of the woman). - He lived in the form of man at just the right time, when the conquests of Alexander and the Roman Empire had prepared the peoples of the known world with a common language as well as roads and highways that were to enable the spread of the Gospel. - Being tempted in every way that fallen man is, yet without any sin Himself, He willingly allowed Himself to be debased, mocked, tortured and bloodied, and then suffered a horribly painful death at the very same hands of those He came to rescue. - As promised, He rose from the dead after three days and nights, and appeared to hundreds of people as alive from the dead to prove His power over sin and Death. - He then imparted to these disciples His Holy Spirit and the promise that He would be with them always and empower them through His Spirit. - These followers, being simple and unlearned men, turned the world upside down with the news of this Rescue Plan. They believed what they preached and all but one of the twelve apostles died a martyr's death for the very thing they preached to others. - It is commanded by God that men everywhere should believe this Good News, repent of their rebellion against their creator, and be baptized into Christ by water immersion into His spiritual body, the true Church and by confessing Him as the Son of God, Savior of all mankind. - All who have taken the name of Christ as their Lord are empowered and given the desire to live righteously and to love others as God does. Love is the defining attribute of a true believer. Any who claim the name of Christian and do not love every person as Christ did are not His!

    Very insightful, Katheryn. I wish more people would consider this before they get to that last place.

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