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Dread, Daring, and Dominion

0-BK 7-ShadowOfDeath-Cover-new-MediumThe scripture for today, September 30 (9/30), is Luke 9:30f as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

“Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus. They spoke about his departure, which he was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem.”

Hebrews 5:7 says something very startling to most people. “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death.”

Jesus did not look forward to going to the cross, even though many thousands of others had died that way. Why was it different for him? Because he had to take on all our sins as though he had committed them himself ~ every lie we ever told, every gain from cheating, every insult, every slander campaign against another, every adultery, every murder ~ everything. He had to take the blame for ALL our sins! How could he bear it?

Not only that, but he had to experience both physical and spiritual death. Spiritual death means being separated from, being forsaken by God. What a terror to experience ~ even for a moment.

And so, a few weeks before his crucifixion, as he prayed on the mountain, Moses and Elijah appeared to him, and they spoke about his death. They surely gave courage to Jesus’ human side to do what had to be done to save you and me who deserve hell.

The crowning glory of this conversation with Moses and Elijah is that the Father himself ~ the Will of God ~ reassured him by announcing, “This is my son! Whom I have chosen! Listen to HIM!”

Jesus was to nail the Old Law of Moses to the cross (Colossians 2:14). He had promised people, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law and the Prophets: I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them” (Matthew 5:17).

On the cross, he said, “It is fulfilled.”  Indeed, by the time Jesus returned to heaven, he had lived the Old Law introduced by Moses perfectly ~ something no man had ever been able to do. And by the time he returned to heaven, he had fulfilled every prophecy about his birth, life, and death, the first such full-time prophet being Elijah.

Oh, the things Jesus went through for us. We fall at his bloody, pierced feet and worship.


SHADOW OF DEATH is biblical historical novel #7 in the THEY MET JESUS series.  This book has a child’s version; the chapters on the crucifixion have been toned down, but do explain what children hear about but do not understand. In the adult version, each chapter ends with Life Application discussion questions. The adult version has Think & Do at the end of each chapter.  Come along, now, and witness those days of dread, daring, and dominion.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:   http://bit.ly/Death-Resurrection

Book 7: Shadow of Death

Jesus is calling. Pick up the Bible and answer it.

Futility or hope?

The scripture for today, September 29 (9/29), is Matthew 9:29 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

“Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith will it be done to you.’ “

Sometimes when we pray for healing during sickness, a well-meaning friend will say, “Well, you haven’t been healed because you didn’t have enough faith.” But Jesus did not always heal people according to their faith.

The boy in Nain he brought back to life (Luke 7:14-15) did not have any faith at all. The girl in Capernaum he brought back to life (Luke 8:51-56) did not have any faith at all. When Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana (John 2:1-9), the hosts did not have any faith at all.

This is encouraging, because often we pray for the healing of non-religious friends. It would be futile to ask God to bring them back to health if it depended on their faith all the time.

He is not a God of futility. He is a God of hope. And we love him for it.


HEARTS AFIRE is book three in the THEY MET JESUS biblical historical series.  Word is spreading in villages, on highways, at city wells that a carpenter is healing people of diseases impossible to heal, growing back limbs that are impossible to grow back, making useless ears and eyes  fill with delight. Who is he? Could it be he’s the promised Messiah?  Dare people hope for the impossible? To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  http://bit.ly/3HeartsAfire


Book 3: Hearts Afire

Faith in us

Ah, God of Creation, you made all this for us ~ for my delight, my provisions, my protection. All this to delight in while I try to live a life that proves love is superior to hate, good is superior to evil. Love is all might and all mighty, all power and all powerful. You put so much faith in us to help you win over Satan. Working together with you?  We can do this! How incredible that you chose frail humans to help you in the race. What a grand and exciting Plan! You have never changed and never will.  Satan cannot change you any more than darkness can become light. You, mighty God, are my fortress, my shield of faith, my sword of Truth. The demons and their leader fear you. The universe praises you.

Thank you for all these ways of communicating electronically that did not exist when I was a child.  To project my voice and image to someone on the other side of the city and even the other side of the world is astounding. I could have never imagined such a possibility. When some people spoke of it, it was like a fairy tale or science fiction. But today it is a reality. Thank you for these new inventions. And for the air I breathe, the food I have to eat ~ so many things I tend to take for granted. May I never take you for granted. You are my heart, my soul, my life. And you love me. How can I thank you for all this?  I fall at your feet and worship.


A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES:  ADAM & EVE.  How could these two scoundrels be heroes?  Counting Adam’s age when he had Seth, and allowing for two older brothers, Adam and Eve were in the garden over 100 years. One hundred years of not sinning!  Can you or I go one day without sinning?  They were not all bad; no one is all bad.  Large print for early readers.  Understood ages 3-12.  “Think and Do” at the end of each chapter.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  https://bit.ly/BibleHeroes-AdamEve


A Child’s Bible Heroes Book 1 ~ Adam and Eve


A new day for my soul

Ah, my God, you are my light. There is darkness in this world and people try to use more darkness to drive it out, but only your light can do that. Lord, you are my love. Satan, the destroyer, hates while laughing.  He wants to get others to hate so he can destroy them.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can. People say it is too hard to love and sometimes this is true. Satan convinces people to take the easy way out. It takes courage to light a light, expose the darkness, then love it away. You are my courage. It takes sacrifice to convince hatred to go away. You were my sacrifice. You still are. Every day you shine your light on me. Every day you walk beside me as a body guard for my body and soul, always looking this way and that. You are so hard to grasp sometimes, but there is such joy in the effort. Make me more like you.

A new day you have given me, Lord. A day of starting over. A day of second chances. Darkness is gone and dawn is here. Now I think of your sacred family on the other side of the world. Their day is over and they are now sleeping as I am awakening. And so it goes. Your family never sleeps. Some part is always awake guarding over the rest of us and over their part of the world. The world is never without the guardian prayers of your family. Thank you for day and night ~ times to work, times to rest. And thank you for dying and overcoming death for me ~ a new day for my soul.


THE LORD’S SUPPER: 52 READINGS WITH PRAYERS is perfect to keep in the church library or next to the communion table.  It has a long introduction, explaining the background of the Lord’s Supper in the Bible and why the 52.  Wonderful for worshippers to meditate with as they partake.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:   https://bit.ly/2Vhacqn

The Lord’s Supper: 52 Readings with Prayers

You dote on me

I revere you, my God. You created such a beautiful garden to be the cradle for mankind when you first made us.  Everywhere around me, when I see darkness, I remember that is the soil you use to bring me flowers to fill my senses.  When I cower from thunder and lightning, I remember out of those you bring me showers of blessings and rainbows and bubbling brooks. When I grow tired, I remember how you use it to slow me down to rest in your everlasting arms. You dote on me, guide me, and never stop thinking of me. You are everywhere I go. You are in the air I breathe, the warmth I feel, the sense that perhaps you are touching me. You are gloriously everywhere because you are greater than all things. And I worship you.

Father, I know I need to get out more to find seekers. I second guess people and decide I would be wasting my time going to see them.  Help me leave that up to you and just keep trying.

Ah, my God, how can I thank you for sending a part of yourself ~ your Words ~ to enter a human body, be our perfect example, then allow yourself to be tortured and killed in my place.  You laid down on the altar of the world and sacrificed yourself for all of us who who you made and who reject you each time we sin. I cannot grasp it all. There are worlds unseen with spiritual battles going on I am not aware of.  But, what I do know, is that you did everything necessary to save me from that ghastly trinity ~ Sin, Satan, and Death. And now my soul rests in you.  I bow before you in sacred gratitude.


375 SILVER-WINGED PRAYERS is book three in the TOUCHING GOD SERIES.  The others are GOLDEN THOUGHTS and PEARLS OF WISDOM. Beautiful gift set with original art on the cover. Or use it for your own personal devotional time.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  https://bit.ly/SilverPrayers

365 Silver-Winged Prayers ~ Your Spirit to God’s


Ah, Lord God, there are a lot of people who praise angels. They paint beautiful pictures of angels watching over us, make beautiful statues of glorious looking angels, and sing songs about angels. “Angels are walking among us!” they proudly announce. What?  What about you? You ~ the Emperor of the Universe ~ are walking with us every day. You have since our birth. What about you? You are the Creator, the Maker of the angels. What about you? You materialized and died in our place for our sins. No angel ever did any of that. Glorify angels?  Never. May I forever glorify you, and, though I cannot imagine what you look like, I will have a picture of you in my heart.

Help me, Lord, not burn out. Forgive me when I give up on finding souls to bring to you.

Thank you for the beautiful warm day. Summer is over and I am harvesting my garden now. Days are cool, nights even cooler. I should go outside and take a nap in the warm sun today. Thank you for your beautiful scenery painted by you.  The sun is up, I can hear the autumn crickets and a few birds. The flowers are full, the farmers are reaping, the markets are filling with fresh produce for sale What a glorious earth you prepared for us before we were “born”. Good morning, my Lord. And thank you for it all.


STAR SONG.  For a while, I named this book Angel Song.  Then I learned angels don’t sing.  They shout and sound like billowing waves of the sea, but they do not sing.  That is a privilege God gave only us.  Discover more interesting things about the birth of Jesus and all those involved in it in this biblical historical novel.  (Child’s version also available with same chapter headings.)  Life-application questions at the end of each chapter along with lists of citations.  Yes, this is a unique novel. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  http://bit.ly/StarSong


Book 1: Star Song ~ Adult Versions

My crowning glory

How I adore you, God of Glory. You are so majestic, yet you love me. I am just one of billions, yet you know my name and hear my every thought. How astonishing.  It is as though I knew every grain of sand in and around the ocean ~ which, of course, is impossible for humans. You told Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the sands of the sea or stars of the heaven. It would take trillions of years to cross the universe. One of the Psalms says you know every star by name. It cannot be done. But you do it without a second thought just like you do it for all humans who have ever lived. You are too wonderful to fathom. My cup overflows.

Father, I must keep circulating and searching for seekers. But sometimes I feel so tired. It’s so hard and no one encourages me to do this. Forgive me. I have lived a long time. When will my race be over?

I keep thanking you for your Bible. I can’t help it. I don’t have to guess what you are thinking or doing. You have actually shared everything with me. You didn’t have to.  You are God!  I’m just a small speck of your creation. But you made humans like me the apex of your creation, your crowning glory. In deep gratitude, I crown you my King of Glory.


PAUL: THE UNSTOPPABLE begins life robust and healthy, loving sports and excelling in many of them. But, when he becomes a Christian, rather than convert to the religion of each province, he lets them beat and slash and starve that body until, at the end, he is bent over from it all, his back one solid scar tissue, and bones either broken or brittle.  Why does he do it?  He lives for Jesus so he can live with Jesus ~ forever.  Give that up?  Never.  Though the state religions tried to break him with torture, he would only cry  out, “Jesus!  This is for you!.”  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:    http://bit.ly/PaulUnstoppable

Book 2 ~ Paul: The Unstoppable

Another crown of thorns

          This morning I saw yet another picture of “Jesus’s” crown of thorns. It was completely round, nicely intertwined, and completely barren.
          All those pictures ~ pretty much all alike.  But that’s not the way it was. Have you ever formed branches into a circle? They don’t bend exactly round and usually end up lopsided.
          But, what gets me the most is that IT WAS SPRINGTIME. Do you think the soldier took the time to strip all the leaves off the branches?
          And how about the flowers? Boganvelias have thorns on them, but their blooms are beautiful and they abound in the Middle East.  So, when I  imagine the crown of thorns on my Lord, I imagine it lopsided but full of leaves and perhaps even flowers.
          If no flowers, he would have looked like winners of races and wars and kingdoms. Garlands of leaves in the Roman world meant winners.  Yes, what they put on him is what Caesar was sometimes crowned with.
          But Jesus’s? His crown added both pain and pleasure. His had the added thorns. But it also possibly had the added flowers.
          Flowers of spring. Flowers of resurrection.

They didn’t play it safe

The scripture for today, September 23 (9/23), is Luke 9:23 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

“Then he said to them all: ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’ “

There is another verse similar to this: II Timothy 3:12 ~ “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Have you been playing it safe? Have you been associating only with other Christians and thereby sheltering yourself from persecution? Have you been withholding the gospel from people who might be persecuted if they believe, even if they will be saved by following it?

I know a Christian convert in Afghanistan who keeps telling his Muslim friends about Jesus. His life has been threatened three times now over a period of six years. He says, “I will not stop until they kill me.”  I know a Christian convert in Iraq whose wife’s relatives beat up because he became a Christian. I know a Christian convert in another part of Iraq whose mother-in-law locked her in a room and beat her every day, trying to get her to return to Islam. I know a Christian convert in Gaza who was fired from his job as a professor because he left Islam.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). To do that, you must seek out the lost and try to save them, even when they do not think they are lost. It will end in persecution sometimes ~ you, them, or both. That’s a fact.

Dare to not play it safe all the time. Jesus didn’t.


STEPHEN: UNLIKELY MARTYR had everything to live for ~ wife, children, widowed mother, newly appointed as a deacon.  A full life still ahead of him.  How could he give it all up?  Thought questions at the end of each chapter as well as historical background points highlights.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  http://bit.ly/stephenmartyr

Book 7 ~ Stephen: Unlikely Martyr

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