changes-in-worship-cover-mediumTrace the exact date changes were made in church worship and organization since the first century. These changes were mostly led by popes who had bought their office, led armies against people rejecting them, and had illegitimate children.

Trace the protesters since the second century and the persecution they endured, often being burned at the stake.

Discover the hymns we sing still today written by the protesters, sometimes just hours before their torturous death.

Then be challenged to go forward! Back to the Bible. Be challenged to get rid of denominationalism and unite only in Christ with our only headquarters being in heaven.

Can it be done? Christian unity? Read this, and make the challenge your own.  (See reviews below.)


  • 1. Changes in Worship 1st to 12th Centuries
  • 2. Changes in Worship 13th to 16th Centuries
  • 3. Changes in Worship 16t to 18th Centuries
  • 4. New-Testament-Patterned Church, Europe 2nd to 15th Centuries
  • 5. New-Testament-Patterned Church Europe 16th to 18th Centuries
  • 6. Forward! Back to the First Century! Divided We Fall
  • 7. Forward! Back to the First Century! United We Stand

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* * * * * VALERIE CARAOTTA.   A comprehensive work depicting changes in congregational protocol and political structure

In Changes in Worship Since the First Century you will find a very comprehensive chronological account beginning with the first-century apostles and leading to our present day worship. It is not the “worship” in terms of singing but in terms of the structure of the early church and its changes. As you discover how Rome dominated the early church with the Catholic church emerging, it will be eye-opening how those that denied this faith’s beliefs were tortured and killed-often burned at the stake. One individual, for example, was sentenced to execution for not going to mass, not making confession, and not believing the bread and wine was Jesus actual body and blood.

Author Kathryn Haddad recalls how God’s laws became lost in church legalism, rituals, and policies and actually resulted in more division among one another. She shares very candidly the following: “This is Satan’s greatest weapon in the church. If he can build a hedge of creeds and regulations around an organization, it can choke out the primary purpose of the church’s existence, and in the process choke out the church.”
She encourages us to break away from traditional denominationalism and instead seek to unite with nondenominational brothers and sisters, adhering to the Bible only as the blueprint.

Church leaders and ministers will find the detail informative as a reference source and teaching aid. Individuals desiring to better understand church history will too find this a welcomed addition. Haddad has spent many years studying Biblical truths and also teaches English over the Internet. She has daily inspirational nuggets you can sign up for on her website along with her Facebook page.

* * * * * LINDA R. ROBERTS.  I loved the book.  A good read.

* * * * * JEWEL TAYLOR.  A very good book.